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„My grandfather, meaning the father of your grandfather Gino was a baker in Abano!”…for years I have not really understood the meaning of what my father told me… I was a child… my grandfather’s dad?? And my grandfather? I did not even know him…

Years later it all makes sense: a “flour”-connection runs in my family. I am so to say the third generation of “flour-worker” in the family!

The Pasticceria Viennese was founded in 1969 by my parents; the bakery was moved here from via Beato Pellegrino where my dad had already set up his own pastry shop. He learned his trade at some of the most prestigious patisseries in Padova, the gastronomy Motta to name but one, as well as in high-class hotels in Geneva and Lugano.
He implements his skills and ideas back in his home town in his own patisserie offering Habsburg specialities such as Sachertorte, Linzer Torte, Kranz and nougat; he does not, however, neglect the Italian tradition such as in our millefoglie (puff pastry).

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